Interpreting Certification

1. More flexibility for interpreters who live out of states

2. Concerns about quality of interpreters for deaf children in mainstreaming settings



1. SDAD’s presence at every Board of Regents or other state agency meeting

Communication Accessibility

1. InterpretingandCaptioningatLegislativeCommitteeandfullHouse/Senatemeetings

2. Interpreting at City meetings (No more 48 hours requests in advance)

3. Captioning on TV in all public places (restaurants, bars, etc. plus government offices)


Public Announcements

1. News feed (How the deaf community knows any big events or announcements)



1. Interpreting at employers’ group meetings (Set up a fund where small businesses can ask for financial assistance)

2. Employment opportunities (If a deaf person has challenges finding jobs, contact Rehabilitation Services)

3. Attitude and Values of Co-Workers in the workplace environment.