National Association of the Deaf

The NAD is the nation's premier civil rights organization of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America.
  1. What’s Your Experience in Sports Venues?
    The NAD’s new Policy Institute will be studying deaf and hard of hearing people’s accessibility experiences across a variety of categories. First up, live professional sporting events! Do you watch live professional sporting events (such as football, basketball, hockey, and soccer) at sports venues? We need your input! Please fill out the survey below by... Read more »
  2. President Updates — April 2018
    After a brief video montage of the visit, President Melissa shares a summary of the NAD Board meeting in Wisconsin. Enjoy the photo album and learn what other regions are up to: Region I Region II Region III Region IV  
  3. Candidates Wanted for #NAD2018 Elections
    Are you interested in joining the NAD Board? President Emeritus T. Alan Hurwitz encourages you to apply! #NAD2018 #NADboard APPLY
  4. No Captioning in Florida Legislature
    The Florida Legislature concluded a session last month that made national headlines.  The Florida House and Senate passed new gun control measures after the Parkland shootings and debated new sexual harassment rules spawned by allegations that resulted in the resignation of a powerful state senator in the midst of his gubernatorial campaign.  This legislative activity... Read more »
  5. Announcing #NAD2018 Workshops!
    We’re excited to partner with Deaf In Government, National Deaf Education Conference, and RID Region I — amazing workshops are in the works for #NAD2018!